Sabtu, 07 Desember 2013

Preview tour to tidung isaland

Many asked about the trip to the island Tidung   for that we will give an overview Tidung trip to the island of a thousand islands, travelers on the start of the scheduled departure jakarta one can use a traditional boat from the dock perdaratan Angke whistle jakarta estuarine fish, the usual ship departed at 07 : 00 am in the morning kind of vessel capacity wooden traditional boat has a capacity of 150 people to 200 people this ferry travel time of the estuary Angke to pulau Tidung appraiser or vice versa in about 2 hours 30 minutes. types of seating resehan no seat can selonjoran, in addition to using traditional ferry could also use a fast boat speedboat from Marina Ancol boat dock made ​​from fiber power capacity vessels with a capacity ranging from 15 people to 100 people who berkasitas speedboat speedboat travel time from Marina Ancol Jakarta location toTidung island in 50 minutes appraiser faster compared to the traditional ferry, if the lack of understanding about the trip or the location of the ship you can call costomer service

Travel to the Island Tidung

After reaching the island Tidung   for those who are already online on the website regristrasi who have followed the procedure of booking travel packages Tidung island before your course is prepared for the facilities requested, but do not ever try to write a single berjalalan because hawatir can not shelter , back to the trip after crossing the oceans using the ferry or using the boat and reached the island Tidung some guides ready to take you to the inn that has been in charge of the guide and will guide you during your tour in Tidung Island from the first time it comes up home, you've got to stay in suguhi with lunch which is served directly in the inn with the presentation of food in sesuikan the number of participants that have been set are not a buffet type meal box, after lunch visitors will be invited by the guide on the west coast Tidung island using the bike for a bike that can not be use in other arternatif sponger who can not use a bike that is by using bentor is beca motorcycle trip with a trip to Rp 15,000, in the west of the island Tidung you will pass through a garden surrounded by trees coconut trees and weeds up to destination visitors will find some of your gazebo to relax and berfhoto in the gazebo location there are some snacks as well as a young coconut from locations west  of the island Tidung you will be invited menujung biking location in the east of the island Tidung loasi eastern island Tidung contained large center is a mainstay tourist island Tidung or be in katakana icon Tidung tourist island in the east of the island Tidung location there is a bridge connecting the two islands with an area of 700 meters at the bridge location jembantan facilities also include water sports such as banana baot, jetski, canoe , donaout boat, water couch, and many more types of games that exist in eastern tens tidung there was this big to show to tour the island Tidung lagsung you can see on the menu in the event the package is already set to show on the menu at the top of the tour package, some site information that discusses Tidung island tour packages  which can be found on the website detaile Tidung island as well as

Island tourist sites Tidung

pulau tidung if you want kepulau tidung thousand islands you can quite easily assess several websites listed below,,,,,,,,,,, please kujungi some sites The survivors traveled on the island Tidung